Vinohradská 11
Pilsner Lager

Vinohradská 11, our top seller, is an unpasteurized and unfiltered craft Pilsner style beer with rich hoppy flavour of Žatecký poloraný červeňák (Saaz) and Premiant. It is characterized by a light body and golden colour. We use Pilsner and Bavarian malt made by the traditional methods, i.e. barley is dried on malthouse floors.

Saaz, Premiant

Keep all the kegs refrigerated. Deposit for one keg is 1.200CZK. At the brewery you can rent a tap with a cooler for 600CZ per day/weekend. Deposit for the tap is 10.000CZK, cash only. Please never use the tap for anything else but beer (no lemonades etc.). Pick up at the brewery (Korunní 106, Praha) daily from 11AM till 6PM. All the kegs are made for using a coupler (Flach, Type-A).