Brewberry Hill

Brewberry Hill. When we brewed the wort for our Vinohradská 11 in March 2020 and entrusted it to Landcraft, we knew we weren't making a mistake. We admire their craftsmanship, and they are also close to us with their purely artisanal ways and extent of production. Their batches often have just a few hundred bottles, but they are literally personally involved in the production of every single one. They start by growing and collecting herbs themselves, keeping their own bees, taking care of old orchards to ensure the finest ingredients, and finish by putting the labels on by hand. Our wort was distilled in their place in Tursko in April 2020, then aged in an oak barrel for 3 years. During that time, it perfectly combined two traditional crafts: the top quality of the feedstock and the knowledge of every person who was participating in the process. It matured into a fine taste that will certainly stand up to quality Scotch whisky. It is truly unique, also thanks to the small number of bottles produced.

Ingredients: water, beer spirit
Abv: 45%
Volume: 500cl